NAYO closed down on the 31 March 2010

The National Association of Youth Orchestras did represent youth orchestras throughout the UK and did foster their development. NAYO did organise an annual festival of British Youth Orchestras, the annual Allianz Musical Insurance Awards.

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Welcome to the English Youth Orchestras website. Find out all the latest youth orchestra news and events, including a diary of upcoming concerts. Youth Orchestras are a fantastic way for young people to express themselves creatively, and a great way to bring out their hidden talents. Who knows, your child could be the next Rachmaninov, or the next Beethoven, but this talent could go unrecognized if they do not get access to all the facilities and instruction they might require in order for their talent to fully blossom.

When young people get involved with a youth orchestra, they receive guided instruction and training in their chosen instrument, but they also gain valuable life lessons about working as part of a team, having confidence in themselves and their own abilities, and how to stand up and be counted. They will learn to give performances before large audiences, they will learn to focus and study on their given musical pieces, and also they get to have fun.

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There are endless pitfalls for young people growing, myriad bad choices and wrong directions that they can take. But joining a youth orchestra can give them a sense of direction, a focus for their energies, and a positive sense of self. After all, it’s not everybody that can stand up in front of a large crowd and put on a musical performance. It takes guts, and skill, and leaves young people with a real sense of accomplishment. So get involved, today. If you are interested in English Youth Orchestras, feel free to contact us.

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Welcome to the English Youth Orchestras website. English Youth Orchestras are not only a great stepping stone for the future generations of classical musicians to hone their skills and practice giving performances, they are also of benefit to young people as a means to socialization, as well as being an educational and healthy leisure activity.

We hope to promote the Youth Orchestras of England and get more people to both participate in their performances and also attend. Why not get in touch with our English Youth Orchestras team to learn more.


This website has nothing to do with the old National Association of Youth Orchestras website.

For more information regarding the National Association of Youth Orchestras please contact them directly at Central Hall, West Tollcross, Edinburgh, EH3 9BP, Scotland, or on 0131 221 1927.